Mystic Life™ Wearable Sigil™  Collection

Our Sigil Series is based on Custom Designed Sigils by Angie McCoy with Mystic Life™

  •  A Sigil, as described by Wikipedia, is a type of symbol used in magic [magick]. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of an angel or other entity. In modern usage, especially in the context of ‘modern magical art’, sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome.
  • A Sigil, as described by Merriam-Webster, is a sign, word, or device held to have occult power in astrology or magic [magick].

A good practice of Sigils is to carry around with you – what better place to carry your Sigil than on your Mystical Apparel & Accessories!

Every Custom Designed Sigil in our Wearable Sigil™ Collection is created with a Ritual and Full Intention Set to carry on this Intention to and for you during your purchase, wear and/or use of our products.

You may also perform your own Rituals & Spells & Blessings after you receive your new product. Here is a basic Ritual that you can use as a guideline to perform your Ritual – it’s a basic starting point as a Ritual, Spell or Blessing – use the parts that resonate with you, leave off the parts that do not and feel free to make any adjustments leaving out or adding in to fit your needs & your customs & your traditional practices and beliefs.

Everyone performs Spells, Magic, Prayer, Rituals, etc. a little different – but the one common thing is INTENTION

This is THE MOST Important part of your Ritual – Intention has been set on my end as I Custom Design each Sigil, so if you like – you can just wear or use your Sigil Products as is – as soon as you receive them.

If you would like to perform a little Ritual, here are a few ideas to get you started. If you already have a path, belief, faith or practice that you follow – feel free to create your own Ritual in your own way.

For Beginners:

You can start with creating a ‘Space’ – this could be anywhere, as simple as your kitchen or coffee table or as extravagant as a Special Alter Table in a private, secluded area in your home or special place – it could be a blanket outside in nature.

Add some tools if you like – this can be candles, crystals, herbs, sage, incense, essential oils – whatever tools you are familiar with, comfortable with or have access to.

Utilize paper, a notebook or a journal & pens or pencils.

Start by setting everything up – doing a little meditation, relaxation & just clearing your mind & thoughts. Open your New Mystic Life™: Mystical Apparel & Accessories & place in the center of the location you are working in. Use sage, incense or oils to cleans the air & the area. Get your paper & write out your specific, detailed intentions. For example, for Sigils such as our FAN Sigil™ for Financial Abundance Now, write as specific detail as you can about where you would like to receive the financial abundance from (such as new job, raise, starting your own business, etc.). Add a timeline for things to get started or come into fruition or ongoing, but still, have a starting point.

Now get started with lighting your candles, incense, sage, etc. and start with essential oils, herbs, crystals, etc. by placing them around the area. Write out your intentions or re-read what you have already written – this is where you really want to focus on your INTENTIONS. Say your requests, prayers, songs, poems, spells, etc. – Always say in the form of present tense – and with an attitude of gratitude, as if you have already received it. NOT in the form of a request or question or pleading.

Take as little or as long as you would like to focus, site or chant requests, spells, prayers, etc. – then end with the ending you are comfortable with:

  • So Mote it Be
  • So Be It
  • So It Is
  • And So It Is
  • Amen
  • etc.

I hope you enjoy your Wearable Sigil™ from Mystic Life™: Mystical Apparel & Accessories and my Intentions are for you to not only Love and Enjoy the products, but receive the Magical [Magickal] Intentions sent from me, Reinforced by you and receive many Blessings!