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Nine of Wands

If you’re asking a Yes/No/Maybe Question: Maybe or Maybe Not – you will have to work hard – or work harder.

All other Questions: You may feel like you or the situation is in a very bad spot right now. You’ve had many challenges and can’t seem to get ahead.
But this one shows that these challenges are all behind you – you may be worn out – but you haven’t been beaten. You’re still standing & what lies ahead are better times.
The wands here show death & re-birth or re-growth. You see the wand is a broken piece of the tree – it appears to be dead – cut off from it’s life source – but as you can see in the imagery – there is new growth. Just as the tress lose everything & appear dead through the winter – it is just a period of their life, a resting time – in the spring – they will re-bloom and grow bigger and better…as will you!

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