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Five of Cups

Five of Cups

If you’re asking a Yes/No/Maybe Question: Maybe – but you have to make some changes in your thoughts and attitude.

All other Questions: The Five of Cups appears when you’re feeling very down and depressed. You may feel hurt, lonely, sad. and just feel like you are in a dark place.
But the message here for you is that there is always more – there is always something good. It is a call for you to get out of your head, get out of the victim mentality and open your eyes – lift your head & look around and see what is going right for you.
If you see in the image on the pic – they are cloaked in black – shielding themselves from the world – they have their head down & are not looking around at everything – the whole picture. If they would just remove the cloak of self pity and lift their head & look around, they would not only look past the 3 spilled cups, but they would see the 2 behind them still standing strong – still full of hope.
There is always something good that you can be grateful for and focus on.
Make yourself change your thoughts & get up & do something to get you out of the temporary funk & move in a better direction.

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