Wearable Sigils™

Embrace the power of your intentions with our Wearable Sigils™. Each sigil is a beacon of your personal magic, a symbol that not only represents your deepest desires but also actively works to manifest them. As you carry these sigils with you, observe the magic unfolding in your life and feel its ripple effect on those you meet. Our sigils are more than just accessories; they are tools of transformation, connecting you to the mystical energy that surrounds us all.

Our Faith, Hope, and Love Sigil is a fusion of simplicity and depth. It captures the essence of these powerful words through the initial letters, interwoven with a heart symbol to embody love. This design is not just visually appealing but also resonates with the profound message it carries.

The Financial Abundance Now Sigil is a symbol of prosperity and continuous growth. It combines the first letter of each word with the Dollar Sign, Infinity Symbol, and elements of the Fibonacci Spiral. The three dots represent endless possibilities, while the arrow signifies targeted action, complemented by feathers to symbolize gratitude and the intent for abundance.

Our On the Right Path Sigil beautifully illustrates life’s journey. The overlapping initials of each word form a flowing path, symbolizing how life’s seemingly disconnected moments guide us towards our true destiny. It’s a reminder that we are always on course, even when it feels otherwise.

This sigil champions self-love, esteem, and worth. The ‘I Love Me, Myself & I’ Sigil combines the initials of each word with a heart symbol, representing the profound importance of loving oneself – the greatest gift of all.

The Peace On Earth Sigil (POE) is a symbol of global harmony. It blends the initials of each word with imagery representing the Earth, the Yin & Yang balance, and the Dove & Olive Branch, historic emblems of peace. This sigil is a wearable representation of a universal longing for peace.

Our Peace, Harmony & Prosperity Sigil melds the essence of tranquility, synchrony, and wealth. The design incorporates the peace sign for tranquility, musical notes for harmony, and currency symbols for prosperity, creating a harmonious symbol of life’s desirable states.

About Our Wearable Sigil™ Collection

The Art and Magic of Sigils

At Mystic Life™, we’ve embraced the ancient art of sigil creation, bringing it into the modern mystical practice with our unique Wearable Sigil™ Collection. Each sigil is a custom design by Angie McCoy, crafted not just as a symbol, but as a conduit of magical intention and personal empowerment.

What is a Sigil?

In the world of magic, a sigil is more than just a symbol. It’s a pictorial signature, an emblem that embodies the essence of angels, entities, or personal aspirations. These powerful symbols have been used throughout history to transcend barriers of time, distance, and culture. A sigil is a universal language, a key to unlocking inner power and manifesting personal desires.

Our Process: Intention and Ritual

Every sigil in our collection is created with a specific ritual, imbued with full intention. This process ensures that each piece carries a potent energy, ready to align with your personal journey the moment you receive it. But the magic doesn’t end there – we encourage you to add your personal touch.

Your Ritual, Your Way

While each Wearable Sigil™ arrives charged with intention, personalizing your sigil through your own ritual can reinforce and tailor this energy. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, our guide offers a starting point to create your sacred space and infuse your sigil with your specific intentions.

Creating Your Space

Your ritual space can be anywhere that feels right – from a simple corner in your home to a special altar. Include tools that resonate with you, like candles, crystals, or incense. Write down your intentions, focusing on clarity and detail.

The Ritual

Begin by cleansing your space and your new Mystic Life™ item. Light your candles and incense, setting your intentions firmly in your mind. Speak them aloud, affirming as if they are already true. Surround your sigil with the energies you wish to attract. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – it’s all about your personal connection and intention.

Sealing Your Intentions

Conclude your ritual in a way that feels authentic to you. Whether it’s a simple affirmation or a traditional closing, what matters most is the belief and energy you’ve invested.

Our Wish for You

Our hope is that each Wearable Sigil™ from Mystic Life™ becomes a cherished part of your mystical journey. May they not only bring beauty to your life but also manifest the magical intentions set forth by us and reinforced by you.