Our Astrological Monogram Line is based on custom designed “Big 3” monograms by Mystic Life™

Your Astrological Monogram™ is a unique monogram created & custom designed by Mystic Life™, utilizing your ‘Big Three’ signs from your Astrology Natal Chart. Your ‘Big Three’ are very significant signs for you and your astrology blueprint. They reflect individually as well as overlap, combine and accentuate each other. This blending of the 3 is where the concept of the Astrological Monogram™ comes from.

How Unique is your ‘Big 3’ & Astrological Monogram™?

As far as the uniqueness of your ‘Big 3’ – there are around 1,728 combinations of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs. So – fairly unique (and as far as astrology & astrological natal chart – the complete combinations is almost Infinite – so as a whole – you are VERY Unique!) The Astrological Monogram™ design is created & custom designed for each combination of “Big 3’s” – And are ONLY available here at Mystic Life™ Style – It may be rare to run into someone with the same apparel & accessories & design – but if you do – besides you two having great taste! ;) – This may be a huge synchronicity for you two and worth meeting & getting to know each other!


The accuracy of your Astrological Monogram™ is based on the accuracy you provide of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs. Don’t worry if you do not know them – you can provide your birth aata and we will get them for you. But again, the accuracy of your Astrological Monogram™ is based on the accuracy you provide of your full & accurate birth date, birth location (City, State, Country) and the exact time (Time Zone & AM/PM).

*** NOTE on Design ***

The Designs shown are examples & may not be the exact design you receive, depending on your “Big 3”. 

You will receive an e-mail requesting your Sun, Moon & Ascending Sign or your birth date, location & time. Your order will not start processing until this e-mail is received. It is up to you to ensure correct info provided.