This is a One Card Reading. Ask your Question (You may ask a Yes or No type of Question or a Specific Question), then click the shuffle icon below the cards (the double arrow icon), and finally, click Flip Card icon to reveal your card to reveal your Reading!

(NOTE: The YES answers in this reading are designed to be a ‘Positive’ YES – so if you’re asking a question with a Negative topic, then the YES would typcically mean YES to the Negative topic. It would be best to try to reword your Question or try to re-frame it as a general Question)

King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

If you’re asking a Yes/No/Maybe Question: Yes – but it may come with a price.

All other Questions: The King of Pentacles is all about maturity, stability, confidence and capability. The energy is strong but kind. This will go well – very well – but you have to put forth effort and put the work into it.

This could represent a boss or father figure in your life – he is very strong, caring and compassionate. He did or does well in work & finances and is able to lead his employees and/or family with a strong, safe, firm, but loving energy.

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