Affiliated Fundraiser Program

Welcome to Our Fundraising Community!

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in our Affiliated Fundraiser Program. Our goal is to empower you to support causes you’re passionate about while maintaining fairness and respect for all parties involved. Please review this agreement carefully to understand how we can work together effectively.

Need Assistance? We’re here for you. For any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out to us at [CONTACT US]. Open and honest communication is our cornerstone.

Advantages of Our Affiliated Fundraiser Program:

  • Zero Registration Fees: Signing up is completely free, quick, and straightforward.
  • Simple and Hassle-Free: No inventory management, quotas, minimums, or maximums*.
  • Raise Funds Easily: Share our products with your network using your unique Affiliated Fundraiser Referral Link.
  • Earn 10% Commission: Receive a 10% commission on all products, including gift cards, sold through your referral link.
  • Flexible Payouts: Funds are disbursed via PayPal according to our agreed timeline. All payouts are reported for tax purposes as gifts or expenses.

Tax Information:

  • For payouts exceeding $15,000, a W9 form submission is required, and a 1099 form will be issued for tax declaration.

Join Us in Making a Difference! Our Affiliated Fundraiser Program isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about making a positive impact together. Start your fundraising journey with us and turn your passion for change into action.

*For additional details regarding fundraising limits and payouts, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Affiliated Fund Raiser Agreement & Terms of Service

Affiliated Fundraiser Agreement

Effective Date: January 21st, 2020



Thank you for your interest in our Affiliated Fundraiser Program. This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of our partnership. We at Mystic Life™ Style value our collaborators and strive for mutual respect and fairness in all our dealings.

Please review this Agreement thoroughly. For record-keeping, you may print this page.

1. Definitions:

  • The Company (“Us/We”): Refers to Mystic Life™ Style and its employees or agents.
  • Affiliate (“You”): Refers to you, as a participant in our Fundraiser Program.
  • Parties: Collectively refers to both the Company and the Affiliate.
  • Affiliate Program: The structured program for affiliates, as outlined in this Agreement.
  • Affiliate Application: The form submitted for joining the Affiliate Program.
  • Website: Refers to the primary website of Mystic Life™ Style, as listed above.

2. Agreement Acceptance:

  • By applying to our Affiliate Program, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

3. Age Requirement:

  • You must be at least 15 years old to participate in this Program.

4. Program Enrollment:

  • Enroll through the Affiliate Application on our website.
  • Acceptance into the Program is at our discretion.
  • Rejected applications are final, and reapplication is not permitted.

5. Non-Exclusivity:

  • This Agreement is non-exclusive, allowing you to work with others and us to engage with multiple affiliates.

6. Affiliate Program Details:

  • Upon acceptance, you will receive a unique link to promote our products.
  • Earn a 10% commission on sales made through your link.
  • Use only approved links and prominently display them on your chosen platforms.

7. Payout Terms:

  • Payouts are subject to our approval and will be made via PayPal.
  • Eligibility for payouts requires adherence to our purchase criteria and Agreement terms.
  • Payouts are released post a 30-day period and require up-to-date account information.

8. Reporting and Tracking:

  • Access your affiliate reports on our portal for real-time data on your performance.

9. Term and Termination:

  • This Agreement commences upon your acceptance into the Program and can be terminated by either party.
  • Termination results in the cessation of accumulated payouts unless already earned.

10. Intellectual Property:

  • You’re granted a non-exclusive, revocable license to use our intellectual property linked to the Affiliate Program.
  • Unauthorized or incorrect use of our intellectual property may lead to Agreement termination.

11. Modifications to Agreement:

  • We reserve the right to modify this Agreement and will notify you of any changes.

12. Affiliate Conduct:

  • Ensure your activities are lawful and in compliance with our standards.
  • Refrain from any spamming activities.

13. Indemnification:

  • You agree to indemnify the Company from any legal claims arising from your actions or Agreement breaches.

14. Limitation of Liability:

  • The Company’s liability in connection with this Agreement is limited to a maximum of $100.

General Provisions:

  • Language: All communications are in English.
  • Jurisdiction: This Agreement is governed by the laws of Alabama, USA.
  • Arbitration: Disputes will be resolved through arbitration in Alabama.
  • Severability and No Waiver: Ineffectual parts of this Agreement do not affect the remaining provisions.
  • Force Majeure: The Company is not liable for failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Electronic Communications: Email and fax communications are acceptable.

For any inquiries, please contact us at